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  • Aug 06 Sat

    Late Summer Wellness Workshop: Ease Worry & Regret; Cultivate Balance

    Late summer is the time of the Spleen in Chinese Medicine. The spleen is associated with worry, drama and confusion. We will do exercises to release these energies and to restore balance, peace a...

  • Sep 05 Mon

    Labor Day Special Beach Class

    Join us at Linden City Beach for a special Labor Day Class at 9:30. Enjoy the peaceful morning at the beach before the crowds. Free parking.

  • Sep 10 Sat

    Animal Frolics Qigong 5 week class

    Qigong Animal Frolics are some of the oldest and most popular of all Qigong exercises. When we embody the physical traits, movements and spiritual nature of real and mythical animals, we can gain ...