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  • Mon Mar 30

    5 Live Zoom Classes a Week

    Jessica is excited to offer 5 online classes a week.

    Join Jessica in her garden via Zoom for online live classes. Class fee is $10.00 for an hour live class. Click https://www.qigongsb.com/online-classes to learn more about the schedule and to register.

  • Thu May 21

    Live Classes in Carpinteria starting May 21!

    We have started live classes in the beautiful and large back garden of the Woman's Club in Carpinteria.Tuesday and Thursdays at 10:00am.  Lots of free parking.  Sun and Shade and the Great Outdoors! Please wear masks and practice social distancing.  Please stay home if you don't feel well.

    Classes are $18.00 drop in, $75.00 for 5 classes and 120.00 for a series of 10 classes.