After a 2 hour Chi Gong practice I felt my legs radiating with rivers of energy flow . I felt more in my body, more at peace and more resilient . Chi Gong class was as spacious as a three day vacation retreat Jessica Kolbe is A six star teacher I love her teaching! Laurie
Laurie Edgecomb
"When one meets a Master, one knows right away. I needed Qigong to balance and anchor me and looked online for a class in Santa Barbara. Jessica's class suited my schedule, so I thought I'd try her first and then the others. I went and never left. Jessica must have been a Qigong/Zen Master in a past life! She is a very talented teacher. Words of wisdom simply pour out of her and I take in her precious guidance every class. Jessica is the embodiment of modesty and compassion, so one may take her for granted; but in truth she is the real deal! I invite you to try her studio and/or beach classes, you will know for yourself that Jessica is a Qigong Master!"
Corinne Cevaer-Corey
Chief Compassionate Culture Officer at Qineqt
I felt so much calmer and down to earth; Thank you for sharing your profound wisdom. The Tai Chi was a profound/beautiful experience; I loved the energy and experience. It was unique and opened my eyes to something nerev thoughtr I’d resonate with. I bragged about all weekend; I felt it would be helpful in energizing the self when studying for long periods of time.
Members of World Religious Studies Class
Santa Barbara City College
I have been in psychotherapy for over 10 years. After one session with Jessica I feel happier about my life than I have felt in years. I feel empowered to let go of the past and move forward in healthy and positive directions.
Linda P
Santa Barbara
I would like to say how positive an impact Qigong has had on my life over the last year. Jessica was my first teacher. I was hooked after the first experience. I had always wanted to learn Qigong or Tai Chi. Now I do it at least once a week sometimes two or three times. The connection I feel with Jessica is very healing mentally and physically. I am forever grateful, especially in times of great stress or illness, that I have learned to practice the breathing and simple movements. Be well and happy.
Kelly R.
Montecito, CA
Jessica teaches with artistry, enthusiasm, and awareness of her students. I leave with joyful, healing energy, and a natural high.
Jane A.
Santa Barbara, CA
I visited her class after level 2. I had a back pain all week but could not stretch it out. Instead of stretching we scrunched doing "turtle qigong" - pain gone! I use it whenever it comes back. She was the inspiration for me to learn this and pass it along.
Sybil, IIQTC Certified Tai Chi and Qigong Teacher
After 20 years of chronic back pain and recent emotional stress, Qigong & Taiji have helped me to overcome these challenges in as little as 2 months. With simple movements, self-applied massage, breathing & meditation exercises, I am on the path to well being.
Jason R.
Santa Barbara
I definitely need more! Love it! Thanks for focusing on stress release in a fun and relaxing way! I loved the turtle, the bear the deer and the monkey. We are all lengthening our spines. Great experience! Thank you for the refreshing, grounding, relaxing and energizing session! I felt great for 2 days afterwards! Loved the dragon and the pearl. Great mind body workout, when are you coming back?
Members of the Executive Staff
Santa Barbara Zoo after corporate retreat
I can't say enough great things about your classes and how flexible I have become after being so stiff from head to toe...so nice to feel my body again and it is so amazing how painless your classes are....the latest is that I can feel my body lying in bed now....and am sleeping so much better.
Santa Maria
Tai Chi is a truly beautiful form of physical activity & I loved giving it a try.
Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States
If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.
Dr. Mehmet Oz