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Bali! Join us in paradise September 1-11, 2024. 

We are partnering with Spirit Tours, a wonderful travel company that focuses on spiritual experiences in Bali.  We will have daily Qigong and Yoga in the mornings followed by visits to temples, blessings by holy people, and connection to  Nature, people and the culture of this magical island.  Self care is an important part of this unique experience.  A welcome massage is included and there are many opportunities for  body work, quiet time, reflection, introspection and meditation. 

Here is the link to learn more!

Looking ahead!  Japan 2025.  More details coming soon

All China Trips have been postponed indefinitely for now.  Check back or contact Jessica at [email protected].

China Tour: A Mystical Abode Spiritual Journey


Hangzhou * Qiyun Shan * Jiu Hua Shan * Wudang Shan *Chengdu

$6,650.00 all inclusive-double occupancy  

$7,650.00 all inclusive- single occupancy




  • Round-trip airfare from LAX to China
  • Hotel and most meals
  • Study Tuition
  • Excursions and Sightseeing
  • All transportation within China
  • Guides, Translation and Tips

Our Focus

Qigong * Taiji * Sacred Mountains * Temples * Taoism      Buddhism * Tea * Gourmet Cuisine * Pandas *  Culture          


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