Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader Training

Friday, February 19, 2016 at 12:00 AM
Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Become a Certified Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader in 3 days.

Bring a Wellness Revolution to your community! Teach others the healing benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi. Click here to learn more and register http://iiqtc.org/tce

Friday Feb. 19-Sunday Feb. 21., 2016
Veterans Memorial Building
Santa Barbara, CA

Your Training Location, Santa Barbara, CA -- The American Riviera

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Your Tai Chi Easy™ Trainers - Jessica Kolbe and Gayl Hubatch

About Tai Chi Easy™

In Chinese, the phrase Tai Chi means the “balance and harmony” of natural forces within our world and ourselves. It also means “supreme ultimate,” pointing to the awesome nature of all life and our own lives within the universe. Tai Chi, both moving meditation and martial art, is a widely practiced form of the ancient Chinese self-care practices known as Qigong. Qigong means to cultivate (gong) healing life energies and resources (Qi).

Tai Chi Easy™ is a mind-body practice that combines gentle exercise and meditation to activate self-healing properties that ancient Chinese texts call the “Healer Within.” Our Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader training is a step-by-step program detailing how to share simple Qigong and Tai Chi in our communities, schools, faith institutions, hospitals, community centers, and social service agencies. Anyone interested in evidence based health care can learn to share Tai Chi Easy™ with others.

The Tai Chi Easy™ program consists of 10 movements -- 5 Medical Qigong practices from The Healer Within and 5 movements from Yang Tai Chi plus a warm up and a cool down, self-applied massage, breath exercises, and meditation. Once becoming familiar with the movements and exercises, the program is designed to provide continual challenge by gently "holding" postures and being conscious of weight-shifting and limb position, including doing the movements in different sequence, such as reversing the direction of the movements.

Join Jessica Kolbe and Gayl Hubatch on the American Riviera for this 3 day intensive, and improve health, enhance longevity, and promote inner peace.Whether you are using this training as a career booster or as a personal retreat, this event will be a profound opportunity to immerse yourself in healing and actualize your personal mission of community service. You will renew your body, mind and spirit just as intended by those ancient Qi masters of China who gave birth to Qi cultivation so long ago.

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Benefits of Tai Chi Easy™

Tai Chi Easy™ is an evidence based and cost effective health intervention that works to acclerate healing, reduce stress, and support disease prevention. Its wide array of benefits include:

  • Balance enhancement - falls prevention
  • Stress mastery
  • Pain management
  • Limiting drug use
  • Physical activity and meditation
  • Energy enhancement
  • Natural sleep improvement
  • Natural digestive and elimination support
  • Anxiety reduction
  • All categories of disease management
  • Institutional and corporate productivity enhancement and absence reduction
  • Recovery from addiction and PTSD
  • More...

"The regular practice of Tai Chi Easy™ provides significant health benefits for people of all ages. Tai Chi Easy helped me to recover rapidly from my own recent heart surgery." - James Firman, President & CEO, National Council on Aging, Washington, DC

“The wellness practices of traditional Chinese medicine -- Tai Chi and Qigong -- are among the best forms of physical activity for diverse populations since they are low cost, group based, low impact and relatively easy to learn”. - The Consensus Report of the National Expert Meeting on Qi Gong and Tai Chi, National Blueprint for Physical Activity and the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

“Tai Chi Easy™ is perfect package of mind-body wellness skills for the health and social service agencies in my area. I am so enthusiastic to have solidified my Tai Chi and Qigong teaching skills at this level of simplified community practice.” - Valerie L. Fagan, LCSW, Complementary Therapies Facilitator, Regional Medical Center, Athens, GA

Jessica Kolbe is Leader and Gayl Hubatch O.M.D.
will be co-leading this training.

Click here to learn more and register http://iiqtc.org/tce 


Veterans Memorial Building Santa Barbara, CA