Upcoming Events

  • Fri Apr 3

    Chang Sisters Perform Qigong, Dance and Calligraphy

    A world-class twin dancers/artists are coming together from two different worlds to share their cutting edge performance that infuses a variety of dance styles with Chinese Calligraphy. To see a short video, please click here. You will enjoy such a treat to view some of their most favorite choreographies, including the dance they performed as a part of 2018 Winter Olympic event in South Korea. Their concert will also display photography from Kouji Shirota and Jeff Holcombe.

    $28.00 general and $22.00 students

  • Sat Apr 4

    One Breath, One Movement, One Brush Stroke Workshop Qigong • Breath • Movement • Chinese Calligraphy

    This workshop offers an insightful way to connect mind, body, and spirit with breath, brush stroke, and movement. Lorelei and Mai interwoven the art form of Chinese Calligraphy, ancient Qigong breath technique, and flowing movement uniquely infused in this workshop. Through Qigong movement with brush work together, students understand the pattern of the movement as well as intricate brush stroke on paper. The workshop consists of breathe work incorporated into a slow Qigong form, using the body as a brush and moving through space as though painting on a canvas. Students will also have hands-on experience working with Lorelei and Mai on traditional Chinese calligraphy. This process channels their mind, breath, and movement with brush work, and unify the three into oneness. $150.00

  • Sun May 3

    China Tour May 2020 has been postponed to May 9-27, 2021

    Join Jessica and Ray Kolbe on a trip of a lifetime. This is a spiritual retreat focusing on practicing Tai Chi and Qigong in the Sacred Taoist Wudang Mountains.

  • Sat Aug 22

    Costa Rica Immersion Retreat August 2020

    The Vacation Retreat is designed for Proactive Participation in Our Own Health and Wellness. Integrating Principles of Mind-Body-Health with Success. Surrounded by a Natural Paradise Setting we relax and unplug from our normal busy lives and technology and engage in Meditation, Tai Chi and Easy Style Tai Chi, Medical Qigong and Vitality Enhancement Practices, and Integrative Mindful Movement and Dance.

Tai Chi and Qigong Workshops